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Coffee Cup Lids

Exploded Views

Auto Fragrances

Animal Autos


Buckminster Fuller:

The Dymaxion Car

The show at the Whitney Museum- Core 77

WNYC interview on Bucky: Podcast

Military Patches    

The Model T anniversary

Harley-Davidson Museum

 D-Crit Reading at KGB bar:  “Ur Jordan”

History of Olympic Torch Design



Curves of Steel at Phoenix Art Museum




AIGA Conference: Baseball as a design icon—at Fenway Park!

September 15, 9:30–11:30 a.m

Dollar Store Paintings

The New York City Taxi project

Safe: Design Takes on Risk at MOMA 

Malfatto conference….

…and after

Blobjects And Beyond: The New Fluidity In Design. Steven Skov Holt and Mara Holt Skov.

Chronicle Books. Catalog essays.


The New Paris Carafe

Do Cars Have Sex?

New Camouflage

Zaha Hadid’s BMW Factory

Red and Blue

American Heritage: 50 Years, 10 Big Changes

Test tracks

Selling Von Dutch

Grand Theft Auto--Design

Lovely Teardrops: Classic French curves

MIT Media Lab car with Frank Gehry

The Mighty Pinzgauer

Ikea's Watering Can

New Batmobile

The I, Robot Audi

Nomad Redux

Design Under the Hood

Grandma is Still on the Road

The Minivan Turns Twenty

Pimp My Ride

Up From Flatland: Edward Tufte

Alternative history



Glamour show at SFMOMA.

Catalog: Glamour: Fashion + Industrial Design + Architecture,

Yale University Press

Michael Graves Designs : The Art of the Everyday Object…at Target stores and bookstores

Bug: The Strange Mutations of the World's Most Famous Automobile. Now in paperback

At the National Building Museum:

Up Down and Across

A show on elevators and escalators

See the catalog with essay by Phil Patton

Readymades by Jeff Brouws. With essay by Phil Patton. 2003 Chronicle Books

ID magazine: 100 Years of Design & Aviation
From Kitty Hawk to Tomahawk, how designers have ruled the skies.

Volkswagen's Autostadt

The Glass Factory in Dresden